Forty-one researches from UK, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, attended the Training School organized by ENIUS network (CA16217) COST Actions.

The first day focused on Conferences related to: Ureteral stents and Complications; Clinical Urology & Urodynamics; Computational & Numerical Modelling; Mechanobiology. On the second day the lectures focused on "Emerging Technologies". Where the speakers were dedicated to explain different aspects of the combination of Engineering with Physiology, mainly in animal model. The trainees had time for questions and discussions which were adequately answered by the Trainers. At the end of the TS, trainees presented 20 poster presentations, which were defended in a specific session of the TS.

Organizing Committe: Prof. S. Waters (UK), Dr. D. Carugo (UK) and Dr. F. Clavica (Switzerland).

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