State of Art of Urinary stents

This WG will focus its work in analysing the current literature on ureteral, urethral and prostatic stents from a multidisciplinary point of view.

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Computational simulation, Biomedical fluid dynamics, Biomechanical characterization

The WG2 focuses its work in developing a computational setting to assess future stent designs, a world novelty.

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Methodology for the development and validation of new stent designs

The WG3 will be in charge of developing the Methodology and validation protocols of future urinary tract stents.

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Biomaterials and stent coatings

The WG4 will work on the search of new biomaterials-nanomaterials and coatings with improved behaviour at urinary tract level.

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Drug eluting stents

Following the idea of incorporating drugs onto the stent surface, several substances have already been used in DESs.

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Future research lines

Coating of the stent surface is a developing field with significant potential for the reduction of stent-related complications.

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