January, 31st. and 1st February, 2019. About 30 MC members from 20 countries joined in the 2nd ENIUS Management Committe Meeting in Sofia-Bulgaria (CA16217).

The Meeting was an opportunity to review all the activities carried out in this 2GP, as well as to propose the activities for the next Grant Period (1st May-2019; 31stApril 2020). During this 2GP, two Trainings Schools and two Workshops have been held (one of them to be held in Malta, on 25 and 26 March 2019). We are currently 206 participants in ENIUS network, 53 of them MC members. AboutCountries involved 30 European Union countries involved, one COST Near Neighbour  country (Russia) and 4 IPC(international Partners countries).Recently, Turkey, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Netherlands have been included in ENIUS. To the current date, we have financed 8 STSMs.

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