Biodegradation and Antimicrobial Properties of Zinc Oxide–Polymer Composite Materials for Urinary Stent Applications

Chaitra Venkatesh, Marco Laurenti,Marina Bandeira, Eduardo Lanzagorta,Lorenzo Lucherini,Valentina Cauda andDeclan M. Devine Research advancements in the field of urinary stents have mainly been in the selection of materials and coatings to address commonly faced problems of encrust ...
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ENIUS. European Network of multidisciplinary research to Improve the Urinary Stents. COSTS Actions. CA16217. European Cooperation in Science & Technology

Selected Abstracts from the ‘‘Advances in Urinary Stents. Biomaterials, Coatings and Drug Eluting Stents’’

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Porous ZnO/2–Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Eluting Coatings for Ureteral Stent Applications

High-surface-area porous coatings for implantable biomedical devices represent an intriguing solution to confer the device additional functionalities with respect to the uncoated implant.

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