ENIUS organized under the leadership of Dr. A. Barros-Portugal (WG4-Leader) and Prof. G. Ciardelli (WG5-Leader) a magnificent Workshop focused on Biomaterials, drug delivery systems and coatings applied to urinary stents. This Workshop was attended by 36 attendees.

The speakers of the Workshop were: Prof. Filipe Megulhão (University of Porto, Portugal). Prof.Fabiola Moutinho (i3s Consortium- University of Porto, Portugal). Dr. Marta Grochowicz. (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. Poland) Prof. Isabel A. C. Ribeiro. (iMED. University of Lisbon. Portugal). Prof. Magdalena Stevanovic. (Institute of the Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Belgrade, Serbia). Prof. Martijn Riool. (Amsterdam, UMC. The Netherlands). Dr. Matteo Antoniotti (AlviMedica). Prof. Daniel Yachia. (Innoventions Ltd, Israel).

In addition to the interesting lectures there was a Hands-on innovation session about new designs and new biomaterials for the development of new stents with access to commercial available urinary stents.

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