The WG2 focuses its work in developing a computational setting to assess future stent designs, a world novelty.

Milestones. Database is created with all the specifications of the urinary tract and the biomechanical characterization of the urinary tract, as well as the main materials used in the process of manufacturing stents (M14). Create the computational environment of the urinary tract (M22). The completion of the in silico environment with the variables of fluid dynamics (M28). This computational setting is validated through the analysis of standard stents (M44).
D2. Report of the state of art of “In silico and urinary stents, biomechanical specifications in urinary tract, and computational simulation in urinary stents and future”, including scientific publications and yearly TS, meetings, WkS and STSM (M44).

Leader: Sarah Waters
Vice-Leader: Francesco Clavica