This COST Action will bring together European optimisation translational scientists, urologists, bioengineers, chemists, to foster the dialogue and exchange expertise and to contribute to enhancing the urinary stents and reduce the morbidity of stented patients. This will be achieved through the following Research coordination Objectives:

Objective 1. To determine the causes of failure and adverse effects of urinary stents from the medical point of view and industrial design, by systematic review and meta-analysis.

Objective 2. Develop multidisciplinary guidelines for the evaluation and validation new stent designs at computational, experimental and preclinical level.

Objective 3. Assess opportunities for improved stents related to the evaluation of new biomaterials, Nano-Technology applications, new coatings, eluting drugs stents and biodegradable stent materials.

Objective 4. To develop a realistic computational environment to assess the Computational simulation and modelling and computational fluid dynamics to evaluate new urinary stents designs.

Objective 5. Stimulate innovative scientific ideas and propose new lines of research and technological innovation in the field of urinary stents. To prepare for subsequent research Projects to design ureteral and urethral stents to reduce the complications and morbidity.


Objective 6. To consolidate a multidisciplinary network (urologist, translational researcher, bioengineer, etc.) actively involved in urinary stents research to facilitate scientific knowledge exchange through, workshops, training schools, scientific papers, and guidelines.

Objective 7. To create a cohort of skilled bioengineer/researchers with experience in stents by providing training courses and supporting Exchange visits between Research Centres or Hospitals.

Objective 8. This COST Action will play a seminal role in facilitating links within researchers and industrial communities. A transfer of technological knowledge to the industry will foster industrial competitiveness of Europe.

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